Stonehaus- The Place To Be!

It can easily be rated as the best spot to enjoy a drink with. People spend too much time at bars and local wineries, when they should actually be in Stonehaus Westlake to enjoy a good glass of wine. is the place to be for any wine-hard. Find more info at Http://

What can you eat?
Discover Stonehaus is a boutique that is considered as Westlake Inn’s most recent asset. This winery is located midway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, off the 101 Freeway. This antique building brings the Italian Renaissance period to mind. Apart from being an excellent winery, it provides their customers a mélange of experiences. It features a menu of custom roasted coffee as well as freshly baked pastries in the morning. It gets even better at lunch, when the highlight is gourmet food, which is made by the Executive Chef. The day ends at the wine bar. Every ingredient is hand picked and preserved in its fresh state. They are also healthy and seasonal. They give you a reminiscent feeling that you would get, were you in Europe.

What can you do?
With the day progressing slowly, in a leisurely way, make your way into the winery. Apart from the wine, indulge in the Pizza, fromaggi and the salumi. If you are lucky, you might even get to witness the wine fights that defines Enoteca. Stonehaus has a stone backyard that enhances the vintage feel. There is a unique fireplace with a private vineyard, to enjoy some outdoor quality time with your family. The place gives you the freedom to meander through the vineyard, or you can play bocce ball. Be assured that you will have a good time, and savor every moment here.

The working hours are from 6am to 8pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, the place closes only at 10 pm. Enjoy the long Saturday from 7am to 10pm here. On the other hand, return from this place at 8pm on Sundays and get ready for the next day. Pizza is also not available 24×7. Some days, you may never get it. You can buy it on Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm, between 6pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday. And on Sundays, you can buy it for an extended time, between 4pm and 8pm.

Stonehaus is the perfect place to taste different flavors of wine. The wines featured here are both globally renowned ones, as well as private label wines. Also, the wines that are Stonehaus made are also available. It is ideal to enjoy a glass of wine with your friends. This gives you a good opportunity to just sip, taste and to discover new flavors of wine. The ancient European setting only adds to the feeling. Your visit can be both pleasurable, as well as informative. Earn your membership at the Stonehaus Wine Club, to receive the latest updates on the ongoing events, discounts and all the wine trivia. Join people who are like you, wine enthusiasts, and savor your trip. Wine flights are also available; that too, in a wide range.

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